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With the growing regulatory oversight on patient privacy, medical offices must meet higher standards in reliability, security and recoverability of their information systems than offices in many other industries.

Health It Challenges

Ongoing concerns in health IT are the usability of EHR systems, with some physicians and other clinicians complaining about poorly designed user interfaces, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities that have made health systems susceptible to frequent cyberattacks on health data networks by criminals, foreign state actors and insiders.

Ransomware Attacks per year


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Benefits of health information technology

While some critics say EHRs have led to reduced physician productivity and produced cumbersome federal regulations, there is broad consensus on the benefits of health IT. These benefits include the ability to use data analytics and big data to effectively manage population health programs and reduce the incidence of expensive chronic health conditions, the use of cognitive computing and analytics to perform precision medicine tailored to individual patients, the ability to share health data among academic researchers to develop new medical therapies and drugs, and the rights of patients to obtain and use their own health data and collaborate in their own care with clinicians.

We Understand

We understand terms like HIPAA, and HITECH and what they mean to a medical office. We know how medical offices operate, what billing systems are, how practice management systems work and we understand electronic medical record systems and the federal incentives accelerating their adoption. In short, when you call about a problem with your scheduling system, we know the hardware, the operating system software and what a scheduling system is.

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Our goal is to give you a reliable information system, while watching your bottom line and giving you more time to practice medicine and run your office.


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