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AnthonyAPOGEE Health - Anthony - 1/27/11 Photos by Chris Ocken Copyright 2011-

In information technology, Anthony has worked in the computer and information technology field for over fifteen years. During this time, he has held a number of leadership positions working as a network architect/designer, network/systems engineer, an information systems manager, a consultant and operations manager. He has spent his entire career in healthcare; during this period he has managed and evolved with technology and hardware advances.

Past Experience:
He has held IT management positions in three major healthcare entities and four information technology companies. He has served on a number of boards of directors and steering committees.

Western Illinois, Bachelor of Communication
University of Illinois, College of Business

Ronald W. ReeAPOGEE Health - Ronald Ree - 1/27/11  Photos by Chris Ocken  Copyright 2011-

In finance and operations, Ronald Ree brings over thirty-six years of management, information and healthcare experience to VertexIT. He has spent over twenty-five years working in managed care, during which he led start-up organizations and provided on-going management of four IPA/PHOs. Ron has served on steering committees and advisory boards for several managed care plans. Earlier in his career, he successfully managed a network of 10 community based primary care clinics, and over 75,000 square feet of medical office space.

Past Experience:
He has held executive positions at six Chicago area health care institutions where he managed information technology and implemented hospital-wide information systems at two of those institutions. Professionally he served as President of the Chicago Chapter of the Hospital Management Systems Society. He also spent a portion of his career at a Fortune 200 Company serving as manager of office systems covering the United States and Europe. Prior to starting VertexIT, he successfully led six start-up organizations and served on a variety of not-for-profit boards and industry advisory boards.

University of Chicago, Masters of Business Administration

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