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Vertex IT


VertexIT was started by three business men, one from information technology, one from finance and operations, and one from marketing and customer relations. With experience gained in the healthcare industry they realized that the right way, the more efficient way, to manage information systems was through preventive care. Waiting for systems to break and then fixing them is the traditional way that information systems are supported. Their goal is to break the mold and reinvent the way information technology is managed and supported. Over two years were spent researching, integrating, testing, improving and retesting the services and systems VertexIT delivers.

Vertex IT delivers a more efficient and cost effective way to manage your IT investment. We closely watch over your systems and head off problems before they happen. If there is a problem, often we can fix it remotely – reducing the cost of managing and maintaining your systems, sometimes by as much as one-third to two-thirds.

We do our best to understand your business and how IT contributes to it. You will have an IT Associate who knows you, your business and your IT systems.

Our Mission


VertexIT is committed to developing long term partnerships with customers. From its inception VertexIT has looked to innovate in the way technology is deployed and supported with superior and personal customer service, consistent technical service quality, and with an absolute focus on the use of cost effective technology. We keep current with technology trends and bring leading edge technology, but not “bleeding edge” technology, to meet our customer’s needs

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